angyra Editions

An old house on Solonos street (a street full of bookshops) has been renovated and is now used as a -children books mainly- bookshop by the Angyra Editions. The back yard has been covered by a glass-roof and transformed into a cosy little coffee shop.
(More photos and details-in-Greek, here).


Kim said...

What a lovely setting this shop is! And I loved seeing your wedding photo from yesterday. I remember a friend's wedding in which they bound a golden chord around the bride and groom. Such a beautiful symbol of the bond between them.
Welcome to the City Daily Photo Blog community, Lemon. I hope you enjoy showing us more of Athens, a place I'd like to visit someday!
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avgi said...

anoigma ston kosmo.omorfia.aygi

lemon said...

Beautiful symbol Kim, yes,that's why I posted this photo!
It's a part of the orthodox tradition, though.
Thank you for the welcome comment :)

Δεν βρίσκω λόγια για το σχολιό σου Αυγή. Χτύπησες διάνα-όπως πάντα, εξάλλου...
Στο άνοιγμά μας στον κόσμο, λοιπόν!

Petrus said...

It looks a nice place to have a rest and a quiet cup of coffee.

Nice blog ..

lemon said...

Thank you Petrus :)

Athens, the capital of Greece, with more than 3.000.000 people....
It's not just ancient ruins and pollution.
Its' also the suburbs, everyday people, gardens, bitter orange trees.