sun after raining

Metro station Agios (saint) Antonios.
The sign shows the "exit".


green in the city

Photo taken from a coffee shop in Panormou street.
Housed in a still-not-become-building piece of land,
in one of the most full of traffic streets,
in the center of the city.

Such a joy to discover pictures from our childhood
in today!



There are many such, unexpected,
forgotten (to be build!) pieces of land, in Athens.
In spring, they flower as expected!


more oranges

More bitter-orange-trees, see? (do enlarge the photo!),
in both sides of the street.

This is a last summer's photo,
an ugly street, in Keramikos area, but
I wish I could make you feel how peaceful a (Saturday) morning it was, and
how light felt the air...


bitter oranges

There are a lot of bitter-orange-trees in Athens.
I still can not get enough of them!
I like them in blossom in the spring-odoring our night walks,
and the whole year round-like orange decorated christmas trees everywhere in the city!


a life of poetry

One girl in a garden.
Two women in a flower pot.
Three girls in my heart.
Without borders, without conditions.

* a poem by the surrealist poet Andreas Embirikos.
(I have chosen a small one, easy for me to translate!)

* a park in Ilion.


my nieces

On the 1st of March, every girl in Greece wears a bracelet called "march", made of a red and a white thread weaved together, in order not to get sun-tanned and to maintain a princess-white face!
Here you can see an advanced option: the tradition-combined-with-fashion!!


4:30 a.m.

The marbles on Syntagma square are being washed early every morning.


do not disturb

Sleeping peacefully in the heart of the city: Syntagma Square!


green pepers and zucchini

Every Saturday: street market in Ilion.


all day rain

Returning home in a rainy afternoon.


light blue

Strong sun, heavy shadows. This is spring.


spring in town

Many kinds of buildings, in Korai square.
On the right, a big new glass-covered building, besides an old yellow house with tiled roof, nicely restored.
On the left, a part of the archaeological museum, and a glass pyramid that covers the metro station Panepistimio.
On the back, Lycabettus hill, with St.George church on top.


Kitchen window glass

March brings sudden rains, succeeded by sunny sky.
You can not be sure whether to dry the clothes out or in the house...

March Theme Day: Glass.
Click here to view thumbnails for all participants


onions and garlic

Every Saturday: street market in Ilion.


early afternoon

Big blocks of flats (“laborers’s homes”) just outside the entrance of metro station Aghios Antonios, in Peristeri.
Winter. Early afternoon. Freezing cold.


and chocolate-stuffed cookies!

Coffee and desert, early on last Saturday morning, in a corner-coffee-shop just oposite the Agioi Theodoroi church. Perfect!


lay in the winter sun

An old Athenian house transformed into a restaurant, in Keramikos area, near the metro station.
This was taken on last, quiet Saturday morning, that's why the dog lays in the sun, IN the street! At nights, this area is usually crowded and noisy.
Athens, the capital of Greece, with more than 3.000.000 people....
It's not just ancient ruins and pollution.
Its' also the suburbs, everyday people, gardens, bitter orange trees.