sun after raining

Metro station Agios (saint) Antonios.
The sign shows the "exit".


Steffe said...

I remember a few rides on the metro. Down to Pireus.

Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

nice reflection

Vogon Poet said...

I like trying to understand greek lettering: "esodos". Nice shot.

lemon said...

I use the metro (at least) twice a day, to and forth work.
I stand some time there, trying to catch the reflection of the water and the sign too, but not too many people!
Thank you all!

(It is pronounced "exodos", Vogon Poet!)

Athens, the capital of Greece, with more than 3.000.000 people....
It's not just ancient ruins and pollution.
Its' also the suburbs, everyday people, gardens, bitter orange trees.