and chocolate-stuffed cookies!

Coffee and desert, early on last Saturday morning, in a corner-coffee-shop just oposite the Agioi Theodoroi church. Perfect!


Fio said...

Can I "steal" it for my blog
In a cup of... ?

Was that a good cappuccino?
Greetings from Poland :))

lemon said...

aaaaaaaaaaaa Fio, such a perfect blog that of your coffees!!!!
I am so enthusiastic to see it, I can not describe how much!!!
A good cappuccino is not only essencial for my mind to work every day (!!!), but even more: one of the best pleasures in life! And if it is accompanied with newspapers, a friendly talk, a pc or a nice view, then you can say "life is really beautiful"!!!

Fio said...

Well, you can admire your cappuccino on my blog! Thank you, Lemon :-)))

lemon said...

Thanks Fio! Do expect more photos, as I drink a lot of coffee!

valeria said...

When I saw this photo I thought about Fio...and here she is!!! Lovely cups and saucer...and yummy cake!!

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