A smart way to expand
but also keep untouched
an old building.
In Panepistimiou street,
besides the National Library.


Hilda said...

Much better than demolishing the beautiful old building! Smart.

Lois said...

Glad they didn't tear down the original building!

Vogon Poet said...

This is very good, I like this solution. I still remember the small church in downtown Athens completely under the porticoes of a more recent building. Do you recall its name?

lemon said...

Vogon Poet: the building is Ministry of Education and Religion, and the little church underneath is "Santa Strength".
Yes, that is the exact translation of the name, and I do not recall any other church in Greece with that name.
It is dedicated to Virgin Mary and is said to protect pregnant women.
Here you can see (and read maybe) a photo of it.

It is very convenient for me to pass near it one of these days, so I will try to photo and post it for you!

Athens, the capital of Greece, with more than 3.000.000 people....
It's not just ancient ruins and pollution.
Its' also the suburbs, everyday people, gardens, bitter orange trees.